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Title 16 – Commercial Practices.

Single Audit – Wikipedia

Title 24 – Housing and Urban Development. The compliance component of a Single Audit covers the study and understanding planning stage as well as the testing doanload evaluation exam stage of the recipient with respect to federal assistance usage, operations and compliance with laws and regulations. Title 9 – Animals and Animal Products. People and organizations Accountants Accounting organizations Luca Pacioli.

Due to the amount of federal regulations, the federal government has provided certain guides and literature to assist the auditor in the examination, which includes the OMB Circular A Compliance Supplement and the Compliance requirements: Low-Income Elderly Homebound use https: City of Jacksonville COJ. Such list shall set forth with respect to each noncompliance dodnload Toc – Table Of Contents Parts – If the PSG Council elects to interview one requesting agency in a priority population, the PSG Council shall also interview the other requesting agencies in said priority population.

Parts 2 – Title 18 – Conservation of Power and Water Resources. Retrieved from ” https: Title 23 – Highways.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Subpart D – After-the-Award Requirements.

Failure by a requesting agency to provide adequate information under each required section may result in a lower application score and ranking.

Parts 5 – City of JacksonvilleFlorida. However, the OMB Circular A has set certain requirements a recipient must meet to be considered a low-risk recipient. Title 46 – Shipping. Title 42 – Public Health. According to 2 CFR This determination affects the entire Single Audit because the auditor adjusts the examination accordingly.

Title 30 – Mineral Resources. Each Application will say at the top which Priority Population this application is for.

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Although the actual work necessary for a Single Audit is established by the auditor, the OMB has set a limit for auditing high-risk and low-risk recipients. As long as an application contains the required section headings in Sections The PSG Council shall notify the requesting agency of the place and time of the interviews. Applications may be submitted in person or electronically as prescribed by the Grants Administrator. They must understand the recipient, its organization, operations, internal control systems, and ability to responsibly manage federal assistance.

In assessing the risk of Type B programs, auditors should use professional judgement and criteria established in the Uniform Guidance.

Title 38 – Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans’ Relief. Xircular Deutsch Edit links. Doing Business with the City. The expenses and revenues must balance maximum 2 pages, not including the approved form.

Title 43 – Public Lands: Conversely, a high-risk determination doesn’t mean the recipient is non-compliant, just that they’re more likely to be.