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The zone alias member list must have at least one member empty lists are not allowed. Non-bladed switches will be rebooted.

Operands none Examples To display zone command help information: The resulting object has the same type as the original object. All data path modes run tests by comparing Fibre Channel frames or data packets transmitted from and received by the network processor due to the designated loopback. The existing license key must be entered exactly as shown by licenseShow, including case.

The slot must have a valid blade switcb present and the blade unit must be currently powered off. Users can also turn on or off individual SW Traps. Synopsis fwportdetailshow [–p portNumber] [–s portState] Description Use this command to print the overall status of the user specified ports. Premier Support Brocade’s high touch support offering adds enhanced response commahds and a Support Sna Manager SAM to Essential Support plus many other proactive, preferential, and personal features.

Brocade Technical Documents

The member list must be enclosed in quotation marks. Brocade Ethernet Access Switch.

If no AD list is specified with the –add option, AD0 is assigned by default. Synopsis perfcfgrestore Description Use this command to restore the performance monitoring configuration information from nonvolatile memory.

Brocade Communications Systems A7533A – Brocade 4Gb SAN Switch Base Command Reference Manual

Synopsis switchuptime Description Use this command to display the current time and the amount of time that the switch has been operational.

Page 29 Using the Command Line Interface The documentation for each command includes a synopsis of its syntax, a description of command use, and a set of examples.

Examples To retrieve a port detailed report for a switch configured with an IPv6 address: Synopsis supportftp [-S] supportftp -s [-h hostip][-u username][-p password][-d remotedirectory] supportftp -t hours supportftp -R supportftp -e Description Use this command to set, clear, or display support FTP parameters, or a time interval to check the FTP server.

This command ssn, sets, and removes shared secret key information from the database or deletes the entire database.

To show port persistence time: Physical Target Port Index: Synopsis fcrchiptest [–slot slotnumber][-testtype type][-unit number] Description Use this command to verify that all SRAM and register data bits in each ASIC can be independently written and read successfully.

MS allows a SAN management application to retrieve and administer the fabric and interconnect elements, such as switches.

Useful Brocade FOS CLI Commands

To display current port mappings and port grouping policies: Brocade Professional and Residency Services deliver proven expertise and flexible options to help you achieve your Synopsis fwshow [–port –persistence] [–disable –port] Description Use this command to display the thresholds monitored by Fabric Watch.

Examples To initiate a system verification test on all switches in the fabric: Insistent Domain ID Mode When this mode is set, the switch attempts to acquire from the fabric the domain number programmed in its “Switch Fabric Settings”, failing which the switch will segment from the fabric. If you want to upgrade firmware on a single CP only, please use -s option.

Synopsis firmwarecommit Description Use this command to commit a firmware download to a CP. Results display every second or over the specified interval, until Enter, Ctrl-c, or Ctrl-d pdd pressed. The following information is displayed: Synopsis iodset Description Use this command to enforce in-order delivery of frames during a fabric topology change. The performance monitor counts the number of words received, number of words transmitted, and number of CRC errors detected using either of the following two conditions: Boost your scalability and unleash business agility with Brocade Ethernet core and edge routers.

Synopsis snmpConfig –show broocade –default [snmpv1 snmpv3 accessControl mibCapability systemGroup seclevel] Description Use this command to manage the configuration of the SNMP agent in the switch. This command attempts brocsde activate the MS platform service for each switch in the fabric.