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It would be nice to see them to allow apprentices access to these via their apprenticeship number at a discounted rate. The NBC is just that, a tool.

National Building Code of Canada – National Research Council Canada

January 25, at This safety related document should not be locked up with a dollar price tag. For questions about Code content, licensing, sales, or technical support, please Contact Codes Canada. As a carpenter, it is our job to know the code. Building codes Canadian law Property law of Canada Safety codes.

downlosd I am a flooring contractor, no government issued regulation document should cost the public money! The new organization was also given the mandate to lead the development of the National Building Code of Canada. They are like gate keepers.

This reckless abandonment of the christian values we have held dear and treasured will certainly result in our ultimate demise.

Each Part now contains the Prescriptive Requirements, followed by the related appendix Notes. November 21, at 3: We as tax payers have already purchased every single code and law book ever made.

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National Building Code of Canada

What goes with the Ontario building code and the Ontario Electrical Code?? The free dissemination of the NBC will have a positive effect on the building industry increasing compliance that would more than compensate the government for the costs of research and publishing.

If you read what it does in the act that created ityou may understand what may play a part in it. Part of any competent carpenters tool bag. Requirements on the specification of structural wood products and wood building systems is set forth in the National Building Code which is concerned with health, safety, accessibility and the protection of buildings from fire or structural damage.

It must make too much sense to make it available. All codes should nahional available online for free. However, this took considerably longer to write than foreseen and the next edition of the National Building Code of Canada was not published until This includes many design, material testing, installation and commissioning documents that are produced by a number of private organizations.

I would like to use the NECB more often and be nice to have open access at no cost and not beg, borrow, ask advice. September 27, at 9: If acnada government makes rules and regulations, we should all have access to this nationsl information free of charge for us to view at any given time. It cannot be installed on a network drive. If the building codes have been written by government.

Knowing the rules before I start is an inexpensive way to prevent deficiencies. Whereas the Construction Code applies to plan and estimate designers architects, engineers, technologists and contractors, the Safety Code coode intended for owners of buildings, buildlng, and facilities. The Code available on-line for anybody want to watch it.

I have an old copy of the Ont. Please submit your order only once either by fax, by mail, by e-mail or through the Virtual Store. November 21, at Special attention was also given to protect buildings during construction when fire protection features are not yet in place.