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A hub is a layer-1 device that is used to connect systems together. A crossover cable has wires 1 and 2 switch positions with wires 3 and 6 on one end and is used to connect similar devices together.

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Dynamic Routing Protocols Chapter 3: This is the frequency used by cordless phones and microwaves, so you may experience interference from those devices. The following are some key points that summarize configuring passwords on Cisco devices: Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Managing Cisco Devices Chapter 4: There are different types of memory on a Cisco device:. Free ebook download XooBooks is the biggest community for free ebook download, audio books, tutorials download, with format pdf, epub, mobi,…and more.

The files are hosted on FTP servers, which are then downloaded to any clients on the Internet. When you connect to a Cisco device, the default configuration mode is user exec mode.

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A rollover cable is also known as a console cable and gets the name rollover because the order of the wires from one end of the cable to the other are totally reversed, or rolled over. Routing and Switching Chapter 1: Displays detailed information about neighboring devices such as name, type of device, model, and IP address. Global configuration mode is where you go to make global changes to the router, such as the hostname. When making changes to the Cisco device, there are a number of different configuration modes, and each change is made in a specific configuration mode.

WPA has two modes: In order to make changes to the device, you must navigate to priv exec mode, where you may be required to input a password. Do not forget the login command after setting the password on the port. The following commands configure the hostname table on a router and display the entries in the hostname table: You then use the login local command on each of the console port, auxiliary port, and vty ports to require authentication with a username and password.

Other wireless terms to know for the exam: The following are some key points to remember about devices and services: FTP is an Internet protocol used to transfer files over the Internet.

You can navigate to a number of different sub prompts from global configuration, such as the interface prompts to modify settings on a specific interface and the line prompts to modify the different ports on the device. These commands are used to create a username called glen with a password of glenpass. Be sure to locate your Cisco routers and switches in a secure location — a locked room where limited access is permitted.

Please disconnect at once if you have not been given permission to access this device R1 config. Cisco Device Basics Chapter 1: The WiFi standard was created and Command s Result ip routing Enables routing on the router. Session Responsible for establishing, managing, and terminating the session.

This makes it harder ofr someone to connect because they have to manually configure their client for the SSID name. Early editions of this book were sold with a companion disk bound inside the book. all-in–one

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A straight-through cable is used to connect dissimilar devices together. This group of commands configures port security on port 6.

When data reaches the bridge, the bridge filters the traffic by only sending the data to the network segment that the destination system resides on.

For Dummies Publication Date: The port is then enabled with the no shutdown command. Computer Science Publish Date: The login command tells the Cisco device that anyone connecting must log in and forces the prompt for a password.

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