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Kate uses his hatred of her to manipulate him into marrying Marianne Hoffman so Kate can obtain the Hoffman electronics empire as well as rhe to inherit fhe company. His successor and daughter Kate is the actual ”Master of the Game”.

He is swindled and left for dead by merchant Salomon van der Merwe but is saved by Banda, van der Merwe’s servant, and they steal millions’ worth of diamonds in a noveo heist. I did not like reading about Alexandria who was stupid because she never suspected Eve was trying to harm or lie to her.

I don’t really remember. London Review of Books. Fast forward to three days ago. Keith realizes the truth when Dr. All in all, I did enjoy reading master of the game novel pdf download book. And I did that.


He didn’t even get suspicious when Van der Merwe asked him to pay for the goods he gave him. Audiobook narrator needs improvement.

You rhe how in every freaking writing class out there, the teacher harps on you ‘not to tell things, but show them”. This was my first real novel actually. The characters were toooooo awesome,specially the characters of George Mellis and Evie just blew my mind.

I first read this book 24 years ago in the summer after 7th grade. That would have stretched out my pleasure, and giving these characters and stories the development and depth that they deserved. He goes to South Africa to find diamonds. On the other hand ingenious twists and turns galore. After wrecking him emotionally and mentally, she starts eyeing her twin granddaughters- Eve and Alex to choose a worthy successor. This most downooad won’t be my last Sidney Sheldon, I am willing to read some more by him, but I must say this book didn’t necessarily live up to my expectations.

I had read some of those books, but I’d never read any by Sidney Sheldon. Personally, I know how difficult it is to find something that you really like and somehow you have the talent to be successful in the field that you truly enjoyed. May 25, Nazia rated it xownload was amazing Shelves: One of those twins consistently tries to kill her sister from the time they’re five. This hame story spans a hundred years or so, starting with Jamie who initially suffers incredibly before building a dynasty of diamond fortune; then his remarkable master of the game novel pdf download, Kate, takes over turning the company into a global conglomerate; Tony, her son is only really interested in being a painter, and his mother’s manipulations to try to prod him into what he is not ends in disaster; Tony’s own lovely daughters twins also gaem Kate, with one of them Eve who seems best master of the game novel pdf download to run the company apparently possessed with evil The flow of the book is liquid and a novdl of melodrama just sweep by without befogging novfl once.

Sidney Master of the game novel pdf download is a surprisingly talented writer, and the plot twists are many and dramatic.

I started reading and master of the game novel pdf download the prologue onwards I was master of the game novel pdf download hooked! Diamond dynasty in South Africa. I’d read only kid stuff from libraries before this;books that we got from the school library. The Los Angeles Times concludes the book review with “This book is really a number of silly little stories strung loosely together like ‘schlenters’ fools diamonds about to fall off a string of dental floss.

The only characters I didn’t really like were the twins. Also, if I think too much about some of the plot devices, I can see several holes in logic as well as behaviors that don’t seem to really reflect the way most people would rationally behave. Eve manages to help George marry Alexandra, but she taunts him to the point that he nearly beats her to death. They play their game – consciously or subconsciously and big or small – to get what they want and have their own way. This book is pure brain candy, all fun with no substance.

It is captivating and exciting to follow, I must admit that I was kept intrigued to see whether they win or lose.

The Master

I had expected much from such a well known author but as with many famous books, I found this more hyped than it deserves. And then there was Eve.

But all along, she was calculative and manipulative. Master of the Game has been translated into numerous languages, and reprinted seven times. I was completely mesmorised by the sheer scope of the material; the locations, the exciting adventures of Jamie and Banda and their tentative yet heartfelt friendship.