Bonjour Name Specify the Bonjour name for the printer. For added convenience, 9 one-touch dials, speed dials, broadcast stations, group dial, and 4 MB of fax memory are available. Page 65 Symptom Solution When printing multiple cop- When printing multiple copies of multiple ies of multiple pages on a pages on a single sheet of paper, Collated single sheet of paper with cannot be selected. Watermark Orientation Watermark Orientation This option specifies the direction of the text in a watermark. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. Page Item Description Clear button Resets all configuration settings for this window to their user defaults.

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The telephone line is incorrectly connected. Pages per Sheet Specifies the number of pages to be printed on one sheet of paper. Up to characters including the file name Default: In magicollor graph, the X-axis represents the input level, and konica minolta magicolor 2590mf Y-axis represents the output level. All factory default values are shown in bold.

Konica Minolta magicolor 2590MF Reference Manual

E-mail applications installed on the koinca are automatically searched for and added to the list. Initialize The System – Maintenance – Initialize page allows you to reset the machine settings konica minolta magicolor 2590mf their factory defaults.

Clear Erases the preview. If the machine is not programmed konica minolta magicolor 2590mf the current time, the fax cannot be sent at the specified time.

A maximum of speed dial numbers can be programmed. Before proceeding with the installation, be sure to exit all running applications. Paper Size Select the desired paper size from the Paper Size pop-up menu. Our new search experience requires JavaScript to be enabled. Only numbers and letters can be typed in. System Requirements For The Printer Driver System Requirements for the Printer Driver Before installing the printer driver, make sure that your system meets the fol- lowing system requirements.

Select this printer in the Printer pop-up menu. From the Tools menu choose Internet Options. The Custom Page Sizes dialog box appears. Not finding what you’re looking for? Supply Levels This section provides information for check- ing the amount of service life remaining on each konica minolta magicolor 2590mf. Page 56 Click Continue. If the fax cannot be konica minolta magicolor 2590mf correctly, refer to the following table, and then per- form the indicated operation.

The shadow, gamma and highlight values for the scanned image can be adjusted by dragging the triangular pointer right below the X-axis.

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Item Description Current Pass- Type in the current password. Line Art Select this check box to print more detailed images. Resolution Select the default scanning resolution image quality. Click Install in the Easy Install page. Resets all settings to their defaults.

Max Life Identifies the maximum life expectancy of the con- sumables in pages. Click or touch the Light Bulb Refresh Image? Using Additional Features Select Print If the Menu Select key is pressed, konica minolta magicolor 2590mf corresponding speed dial num- ber programmed in group dialing is kept.

Item Description RX Print Select whether the fax is only printed after all document pages have been received or printing begins as soon as the first page of the document is received. Installing the Printer Driver Does not automatically konica minolta magicolor 2590mf the fax.

Help Displays the Help. Select mcMF in the Printer Name. When scanning of the document is finished, press the Start key.

Check the konica minolta magicolor 2590mf of the license agreement, and then click Continue. Select type of offense: Problems When Receiving Faxes If the fax cannot be received correctly, refer to the following table, and then perform mgicolor indicated operation.

Top mySQL queries in 1. Copies This specifies the number of copies to be printed. The magicolor Konica minolta magicolor 2590mf configuration menu accessible from the control panel is structured as shown below. Page 63 Press the one-touch dial key that you want to program.

Key Operation Use the keypad to enter numbers, letters, and symbols. Clicking this button displays the Scan and Mail dialog box. Printing Scanned Images An image scanned with the machine can be printed from a printer.

Use the one-touch control panel to easily adjust settings including lightness and density for customized results. Click the [OK] button. Please take some time to become familiar with them.

Lights up in green to indicate that the machine is in Copy mode. Page Windows —If you entered a valid path in the previous step, the fol- lowing message displays: Scanning mode Ionica Auto or Konica minolta magicolor 2590mf.