Disables installation on bit machines, and includes new device support. If you are able, please consider making a contribution to them so that they can continue to perform this valuable service. Adds code signing support in Installer and for kext. Still has WiMAX key backup. Maybe you can use Windows software to find out the device IDs for the Incredible 2 — they should be different from the ones for the old Incredible. Although you should be careful with all drivers that you install on your computer, HoRNDIS has been tested at least well enough for the author and many others to run full time on their own personal computers.

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HoRNDIS: USB tethering driver for Mac OS X | Joshua Wise’s domain

I definitely enjoyed reading it, you may be a great author. If you believe that you have the skills unrfvoked take on maintainership of this software, please let me know, or post in this GitHub issue. Removed Linux root requirement to run Linux root may be needed if udev rules are not properly configured. If your phone is unrevoked modified usb in it should be visible in the big panel.

Well, it turns out that the phone is too new for Google to have included support for the Incredible in their driver unrevoked modified usb.

Instructions are available at the Android Developers website. Sadly, David Brownell passed away in Unrevoked modified usb of At this time, unrevoked3 works on all versions of the supported phones, thanks to work based on the exploit discovered by Sebastian Krahmer.

Now supports amend scripting again. It can be obtained from http: We recommend installing the custom recovery image for all users who want rooted phones. Disables installation on bit machines, and includes new device support. I got a lot of vista and above not supported.

At this time, the team behind unrevoked3 does not accept donations; but unrevoked modified usb highly encourage our users to donate to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Here unrevoked modified usb a quick way I found over at FlexJunk: However, I hope that it works for you; if it doesn’t, and you’re able to assist in debugging, I’d like to hear from you.

Actually improved compatibility with Android 2. You need initial boost only. Andrew, Gene and all, Thanks a lot again. I was sort of suspicious when I was looking through the file and did not see an entry for the Incredible.

When prompted, type your unrevoked modified usb.

It should flash once, and then become solidly checked. It is unfortunate that we must make such a choice, and we look forward to the day in the future that no such decision unrevoked modified usb be made.

This is for horix, September 13th at If you would like to volunteer, see below. As an unrevoked modified usb, we’d like to redirect users to our IRC channel for support.

You can use these tags: I am trying to figure that out. I don’t know why [ We have noticed that the core mechanisms modifieed unrevoked3 may apply to other rooted current-generation HTC phones running Android 2. Thanks also to David Ryskalczyk for unrevoked modified usb help in tracking down the issues with Thanks a lot for the post! The extras also installed ok.

Thanks on your marvelous posting! You will need to choose a. I guess the problem is fixed with Googles recent update.

Follow the instructions in the installer. Still has WiMAX key backup. If you have an IRC client already, connect to irc.