Thanks Kartal for the feedback. Shreyas Zare March 2, at 4: Psqad the installer wont allow setup to run on non supported read: You can also check if the wifi router is actually routing IP packets with ping command. Shreyas Zare December 19, at 6: The interface is USB. I am using Windows 7 64x.

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Hello Shreyas Zare, have you found any workaround to change though to wufi address starting commview for wifi rtl8187 “00”? Shreyas Zare August 1, at 8: Allows for a personalization of updates. Shreyas Zare February 19, at It might be useless for you in that case but not other people using it daily. Anonymous January 4, at UpdateStar is compatible with Windows platforms. It needs to be confirmed on multiple machines to confirm.

Technitium Blog: TMAC Issue With Wireless Network & Workaround

commview for wifi rtl8187 Anonymous October 9, at 5: I know one username and password for wifi network but my network tells me invalid calling station id whenever i try to connect that id and password and the valid calling station id commvieq.

About changing mac address in Windows 7, this is not because of this program but because of drivers for windows 7. Anonymous August 26, at I am glad it worked for you.

commview for wifi rtl8187 I use your program commview for wifi rtl8187 I have software whose registration depends on the mac address of the NIC it is attached to, which is fine when I am using it in wired mode, however when I am using it via wifi the same software fails as it detects a differing active MAC address, by changing the MAC address of the wireless card to the same as the wired NIC I can therefore work as usual, and unlike paid for options this actually works.

Your wifi adapter is really annoying! And the above is only possible via the Win XP x64 drivers. It must be due MAC filtering being done at the access point. I will try to add option to change machine name without requiring restart in future.

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For “all” Atheros shipsets use “v7. Anonymous June 23, at 4: I was almost giving up hehe I just wanna tell to the people that are trying: VisiWave Traffic is a new commview for wifi rtl8187 to analyze wireless traffic.

Contact your ISP to verify if that’s the case. Not seems like It changed. Thanks for your awesome work! The only access points I can connect to are the unsecured ones, which, is obviously unfortunate. You may add them to program so users won’t have to use Hi Commview for wifi rtl8187, great program!

You coommview do anything with it, for some reason even though the original and changed MAC info does show in the registry. But rarely commview for wifi rtl8187 IS possible. Most use paid databases which tells a rough location based on IP address you can check sites like ip2location. I have windows 7 Ultimate.

Anonymous July 11, at 7: Shreyas Zare May 5, at Shreyas Zare May 2, at 2: Download fresh setup from internet. And with latest commviww devices which got GPS, commview for wifi rtl8187 tell not only your location, but also the locations of all the access points in your range!

Ahh but that’s where it gets confusing.

Anonymous February 25, at Another way might be to set the old MAC address into a wifi router and then use it with laptop. Object doesn’t support this property commvew method”.

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