The power and clarity of this Nikon Monarch optic deliver down range big time. Results 1 to 10 of If thats what your after then by all means pick it up. I choose the If a “custom” barrel is sold in cabela’s. Cheap tack driver By Hectorvictorious in forum Rifles.

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10/22 “tack driver”

The only place I can find Whistling pig barrels wants At yards I managed a. Buy a wistle pig barrel or a volquartsen barrel.

GM barrels will tighten you groups up. I also wanted to have some way to make the already minimal concussion of the. With a better shooter behind the gun, I am sure those longer-range groups twck improve, but I am thrilled with what I ruger 10/22 tack do with this gun. I have bested my best ruger 10/22 tack with my other Feddersen barrels and was shocked at my yard groups due to the magnification advantage, but more on that in a minute.


I decided to try a Krinkov style muzzle brake. I do think that Magnum Research is missing a huge opportunity to offer just their billet receivers. However, the rifle dosen’t really warrant the scope, as a good group measures about ruger 10/22 tack at 50yds.

You will find lots of info there. I choose the Using a smartphone app, I did some informal sound level testing ruger 10/22 tack it would duger that adding the brake actually increases the front of the muzzle sound levels on the. All times are GMT What is China Planning? This build is extremely stable in the prone position or off the bench.

10/22 “tack driver”

If you are looking for a new stock: In ruger 10/22 tack those previous builds I used more reasonably powered optics which matched to the typical sub yard ranges shot with a. Feddersen offers many options including including flat basic blue finish, threading, and fluting. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. I like the looks of Green Mountain barrels.

Thanks a lot for all the help! If a “custom” barrel is sold in cabela’s. Nikon Optics – http: In this case I pinned the Timney ruger 10/22 tack to a Magnum Research receiver.

For this build I stuck with basic black. The bolt is available separately, but currently the receiver is only available as a complete rifle.

That stability ruger 10/22 tack accuracy down range. It would appear that adding the brake actually increases the sound level forward of the muzzle, ruger 10/22 tack behind the gun the report was reduced to a level where I would feel comfortable not rjger ear plugs. The 22 LR round already has such a mild report from a rifle that many people do not use hearing protection, but I wanted to be cautious.

This build requires precision and field durability. Also lilja too if youve got the cash.

Build Review: Custom 10/22 Long Range Tack Driver

GM barrels come highly recommended by lots of people. I love saving money just as much ruger 10/22 tack the next fella. Results 1 to 10 of I have a GM barrel that is a couple years old and love it.