The ZEN Micro is much smaller than the Touch and shares a similar interface and controls including the touchpad, without the ‘OK’ button. I have just done a lot of research on it. Creative Labs, the American subsidiary of Creative Technology Limited , was awarded a patent on a music management interface now commonly seen on audio players, including the Apple iPod by the US Patent and Trademark Office on 25 August , [42] having applied for it on 5 January And you still get the easily removable and replaceable battery, a standard mini USB connection, and a hold switch. To rule out physical damage, use a DMM to check the ports

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This is somewhat a drawback of this device. Both the and models have the same portrait design similar to Creative’s ZEN Mozaic, as well as the same sized screen as the Mozaic, at 1. YOu guys all suck and we hate people who suck. How do I copy music to the Zen?

We have now lost one channel and have a lot of static. But first when you are the creative screen can you hear a clicking noise? I know I am. Creative zen micro usb I’m doing something wrong with battery.?? DON’T use the belt clip. Well if you go to system than creative zen micro usb settings than on the list it says touchpad, micor you can change the sensativity!

It has been working perfectly up until last week.

creative zen micro usb There are currently people online. Try macro mode plus the LCD screen. But i am so excited to get my replacement 10 days i will have to wait, that is a damned shame now my 45 minute busride will be more hellish than zenn.

I get hours of life, if I’m not using the menus too much. Most recent customer reviews. In case if you need any clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

And the software, if you use an i-pod you have to use the crappy i-tunes programm. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Also it keeps switching its self on.

Can’t charge/upload Creative Zen Micro – USB not working?

On the ipod you can play games-i’ve read the mcro of a zen micro and it doesn’t mention it. I was lured in by the really cool design, reviews, etc, but it has been one headach after another.

I don’t jog with it but then as it’s hard drive based that would not be a good idea anyway On occasions it has locked up briefly creative zen micro usb skipping through songs, but holding the “off” button across for a minute or two turns it off and sorts it out, and as it did not happen very often I’ve lived with it. Customer reviews There are no customer reviews yet.

Creative Zen Micro Review | Trusted Reviews

I never expect Creative to come up with such gadget that can actually fail so many times. And I’ve downloaded some songs that I can’t listen to because the format is not supported. Many people claim on this page this player is crap.

Creative zen micro usb wanna know for sure, is it not a good product for running??? In addition, their website designates the Zen line as “archived”.

Creative does not support International Warranty and hence how do I get the replacement done here in India. Now that I have it working I can micgo all the music I want for 5 bucks a month and carry it around in this player Also I think the Jack problem is due to creative zen micro usb standard headphones, which have a upright plug which is easier to catch, and provides more leaverage against the socket.

Does Creative have an upgrade option?

Creative Zen – Wikipedia

But still, zen micros seem pretty cool-i would definitly recomend it to people who think ipods stink. Anyways this product is gr8 but I creative zen micro usb if you don’t use it reugrlarly it’ll freeze up just like mind did. See our Returns Policy.